Christmas Meringues with Raspberries & Chocolate Tablet

November 22, 2015


Christmas Raspberry & Chocolate Meringues | Blog Post | The Gift Loft

Summer is just not summer in New Zealand without at least one batch of freshly made meringues with thick cream!  We love that meringues can be made ahead of time (they keep in an airtight container for up to a week) - ideal during the busy Christmas season when you want to be organised. These meringues have fresh crushed raspberries rippled through the meringue, with smashed dark chocolate tablet.  If you like your meringues to be crisp on the outside and marshmallow soft inside, then you will love this easy recipe. Just remember to ensure that the bowl, and everything that touches the egg whites, are perfectly clean and dry - this will mean that your egg whites form lovely glossy peaks. 

Christmas Meringues with Raspberries & Chocolate Tablet


4 egg whites - at room temperature;

1 cup castor sugar;

1 Tbsp cornflour;

1 tspn white vinegar;

1 cup frozen or fresh raspberries plus 1-2 Tbsp icing sugar (optional) for the berry just (you can use any type of berry) - gently simmer the berries with the icing sugar until they go a little mushy & slightly thickened. Remove from heat and whiz with a moulinex (or mash with a potato masher) so that the berries are a thick pulp. Cool before adding to the meringue mixture;

100g dark chocolate, grated or smashed with a rolling pin - if you like larger pieces. 62 or 70% dark chocolate is best - optional;

300ml cream;

1 tsp vanilla extract & 1 tsp icing sugar (optional).


  1. Preheat oven to 150 degC.
  2. Spread baking paper over 2 oven trays.
  3. Place the egg whites in a very clean and dry bowl (make sure that not a drop of water or egg yolk comes in contact with the egg whites. If it does, then the egg whites will not form peaks and you will have to start again. This is a key point when making meringues).
  4. Use an electric hand whisk and whisk the egg whites until soft peaks form - about 2-3 minutes.
  5. Gradually add the castor sugar in tablespoon quantities, whisking well between each spoonful so that the sugar dissolves in the egg white. Continue to do this until all of the sugar is dissolved and the egg white mixture becomes stiff and glossy.
  6. Use a sieve to sprinkle the cornflour over the egg white mixture and also add the white vinegar. Use a spatula to fold the cornflour and vinegar into the egg white mixture. Do not overfold as you want to maintain the air in the mixture.
  7. Add the smashed or grated chocolate & the berry pulp to the mixture at this point. You can sprinkle a small amount of grated chocolate on top of the meringues at the end, before baking (optional).
  8. Use a large tablespoon and drop dollops of meringue onto the prepared baking paper - leave room between each meringue (you can pipe the mixture but we like the non-uniform nature of dollops of mixture). If using chocolate, sprinkle the leftover grated chocolate onto the meringue tops.
  9. Place into the oven, drop the temperature back to 120 degC and bake for 1 hour for meringues. Do not open the oven door at any stage, even when the time for cooking has finished.
  10. Cool the meringues in the oven - it is best to leave them there overnight.
  11. Store them in an air tight container until ready to serve - they last in a cool, dry place for 1 week.


  1. Whip fresh cream with vanilla essence and optional icing sugar.
  2. Place the meringues in a heaped pile, on a serving plate with a bowl of vanilla cream and a few fresh chopped berries (optional).

Merry Christmas!



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