Summer Quick and Easy Trifle

December 28, 2016

Summer Quick & Easy Trifle | Recipe Idea | The Gift Loft (NZ)

Everyone has a trifle recipe they love. We love a very simple version with creamy custard, freshly whipped cream, apricots, lots of brandy, & using store bought sponge (we have made our own but during the busy few days pre- Christmas, we have found that baking a sponge is very low on the list of priorities!).

    See this quick and easy recipe. For a large crowd, use the trifle glass bowl; or, for a new take on tradition, place individual servings in glass goblets. We used CC Interiors Vert Glass Goblets - these are the most versatile kitchenware - we use them for everything from nibbles to entrees to desserts.

    Quick & Easy Trifle for Summer Evenings

    Easy Ingedients:

    • Plain Sponge - store bought;
    • Tin of Juice Only Apricots;
    • 1/4 cup Brandy (optional. Also, this can be sherry, if you prefer);
    • Custard - use ready made or Edmonds Custard - make, as per the instructions (we find "ready made" a bit too runny);
    • Freshly Whipped Cream (optional extra, add a dash of good quality vanilla essence).


    1. Crumble up the sponge so that it is in small pieces. This is fun with children, who love to get messy.
    2. Add the tin of apricots, with the juice. Mix through the sponge so it is moist. Add the brandy and do the same again. Note, if children are going to eat the trifle, leave out the alcohol, or make an extra trifle with no brandy.
    3. Make the custard, according to the instructions. It should not be too runny, as it needs to set in the fridge. You can make your own custard but we are providing a recipe for a quick and easy style recipe, perfect for camping, a quick summer dessert, or for the kids to make.
    4. Pour the custard over the sponge/apricot/brandy mixture. Smooth the top and cover before leaving to set in the fridge. Trifle is always best if it is left at least one day before eating - it allows the flavours to increase.
    5. Just before eating, whip the fresh cream and pour over the top of the trifle. Scatter fresh berries, or grated chocolate on top, or leave it plain and simple. 
    6. Serve immediately. Any leftovers make an indulgent breakfast. Enjoy and Happy Summer Holidays!

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