CC Interiors Handmade Organic Terracotta Jug

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Rustic CC Interiors Handmade Organic Terracotta Jug with Mossy Finish - a gift for a mother, sister or friend. A homeware feature for a console or shelf unit, or place in a covered outdoor area.  A Christmas, wedding or engagement gift idea.

This beautiful terracotta piece has been made by pressing the clay together in pieces to form the rustic appearance.The look of cracking is the pressed pieces at their joins and is what makes this item so unique and different to a turned vessel.This is an ancient method of making vessels. Handcrafted to the highest quality. A small information card is included with the jug to inform the recipient of this detail.

Size: 17.5 cm wide x 11.5 cm diameter x 29 cm high.

Also, see the handmade organic Pitcher Jug and Candle, in the same range. Each sold separately.

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