"Little Bag of Tricks" Pouch with Apothecary Sleep & Focus Sniff Boxes

A funky pamper gift idea for women. Latest Stella + Gemma make up or travel pouch with the words "Little Bag of Tricks" on the front.  This gift includes three all natural Matakana Botanicals Sniff Boxes to relax and energise you through the day and night. These include:

  • Sleep Sniff Box - a calming sleep easy blend of neroli, lavender and chamomile to soothe, comfort and promote relaxation. Ideal during a stressful time or when studying; travelling or to help sleep in a different time zone;
  • Focus Sniff Box - an energising blend of bergamot, lemon & cinnamon to help restore concentration and clarity of thought. Ideal for post travel, jet lag, work, exams and conferences;
  • Energise Sniff Box: a "breathe easy" blend of cedarwood, eucalyptus, pine & olibanium to help promote energy levels & well being. Also ideal for colds & to help breathe easier.
A relaxing & focus gift idea for a daughter who is studying, a calming and energising birthday gift idea for a mother or friend.

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