Artwood Vintage or Antique Style Wooden Tray

A gift idea for men & women who enjoy classic styles from luxury brand, Artwood.  A Java oak "1938" tray with dark antique colour, & metal corners. The wood is from a sustainable source. A handy tray for carrying food & beverages but, it is also an elegant home feature for the coffee table, or side board. Add candles or  your favourite home accessories on it.

A gift for mum & dad, a birthday or housewarming present, or buy one for yourself!

Choose from the following wood finishes & sizes:

  • Smaller Tray Dark Antique Style Wood (Size: 30cm x 25 cm x 6cmH); or
  • Larger Tray - Vintage Style Wood (Size: 40cm x 30cm x 8cmH).


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