CC Interiors Flax Garden Tool Set & Gardener's Gourmet Treats Gift - with Artisan Marshmallow & Fudge Options

A Christmas Gardening gift idea! CC Interiors high quality wooden and stainless steel garden tool set and gourmet Christmas treats.  A beautiful Christmas present for her. This gift includes:

  • CC Interiors Three Piece Stainless Steel Garden Tool Set - secateurs; a trowel; and a gardening fork all enclosed in a stylish, bamboo flax kit. The tools are made of quality ash wood and stainless steel with a leather strap handle;
  • Earth Botanic Gardeners Nourishing Hand Lotion Pump (425ml) - using manuka oil (antibacterial and assists repairing), lemongrass (antibacterial and assists repairing), orange (a refreshing citrus fragrance), rosemary & manuka honey (to nourish and repair). A light hand cream to moisturise dry gardening hands; 
  • Kerikeri Organic Bay of Island Breakfast Tea - a refreshing, premium blend of tea - a perfect "pick me up" whilst gardening;
  • Choose either The Herb & Spice Mill Luxury Star Christmas Fruit Cake (250g). Packed with vine fruit, citrus peel, pecans, walnuts and laced with rum; or Chocolate Mint Marshmallow (9 pieces of exquisite puffy marshmallow) & Russian Fudge;
  • All enclosed in a stylish black box with a lid, bespoke ribbons and a card for your message.

A unique and high quality gift for Her. Give it to Mum, or a daughter, for Christmas.

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