"Just Add Cheese" Food Hamper with Cheese Making Kit

A gift for men or women, a birthday, or Father's Day! Our popular "Just Add Cheese" Food Hamper now comes with a Mad Millie Italian Cheese Making Kit! Make your own cheese in no time at all and serve it with our delicious food hamper which contains:

  • The Mad Millie Italian Cheese Making Kit - to easily create your own delicious cheeses in a few simple steps;
  • The Herb & Spice Mill Pinot Noir Jelly - serve this with your cheese for a delightful contrasting taste sensation;
  • The Herb & Spice Mill Fig & Walnut Rolada (250g) - a delicious blend of figs, walnuts and honey. Serve in bite sized pieces  with cheese (a gutsy blue cheese or an aged cheddar really creates a flavour sensation. It also works well with a full bodies wine.); or slice & serve as a mild sweet treat, with a cup of tea or coffee;
  • The Herb & Spice Mill Lavosh Crackers - the perfect accompaniment to all varieties of cheese;
  • Devonport Chocolates Chocolate Truffle Slice (90g) - a decadent chocolate lover's dream that works well as a sweet option on a cheese platter. Slice into pieces and share with friends.
All enclosed in a box hamper & cellophane, for an impressive looking gift!

    Serve the food hamper with your homemade cheese, using your Mad Millie Italian Cheese Making Kit.  This premium & handcrafted Mad Millie Italian Cheese Making Kit is the perfect gift for a home cook, a cheese lover or someone who has everything!  Start creating your own mozzarella, ricotta, mascarpone, burrata, bocconcini & ricotta salata. Easy to use with clear, easy to read and fun instructions (only six steps) plus recipes for when you have made your delicious cheese, such as tiramisu!

    The ideal cheese kit for a beginner with over 10 batches (6 kg approximately) of Italian Cheese.  The cheese takes approximately 1 hour to make (excluding draining & setting time) and contains no artificial flavours & is preservative free.  The kit includes: small ricotta basket with storage container; vegetarian rennet tablets (10); thermometer; citric acid; artisan's cheese salt; cheese cloth; calcium chloride; pipette; steriliser; & instructions and recipe booklet.

    See our  News Blog  for more information about the Cheese Making Kit, our own cheese making testing and recipes plus the milk that Mad Millie recommends to use for the best results. We also have a tiramisu recipe in our Recipe Blog.


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