Juicy the Peach, The Popcorn Palaver by A Theed

Meet Juicy the Peach - the lovable & left-field babysitter extraodinaire. Enjoy this wild & wacky ride through the day that Juicy first came. With a touch of magic, a sprinkling of sparkle & a plethora of popcorn, Juicy creates amazing adventures for even the most shy and anxious child. 

A great book to read if mum or dad are returning to work, or if a new nanny or babysitter is starting. A fun read for children and adults, alike. Suitable for boys and girls. Beautifully illustrated by Antony Elworthy.

A unique book gift idea for a baby, toddler or child for a birthday or Christmas from an Aunt, Uncle or grandparent. A newborn gift idea for a baby to learn the love of books from the youngest age. A New Zealand author, based on Waiheke Island.

A hard back book. For a limited time, the book includes a free Whoopee Cushion - it enhances the books adventures with a popcorn palaver!

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