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Le Creuset Mini Tarte Dishes & Gourmet Dessert Hamper

Latest style, Le Creuset Mini Fluted Tarte Dishes in sage, with gourmet sweet treats! This unique and high quality gift hamper includes:

  • Two Le Creuset Stoneware Mini Fluted Tarte Dishes, in sage.  The latest colour from Le Creuset. Perfect for mini quiche, pies, individual meringues, a pasta or entree serving; fresh fruit salad & ice cream;
  • The Herb & Spice Mill Belgian Chocolate Mousse (gluten free) - just add water to the mixture and fold it through whipped cream to make a rich, smooth chocolate mousse. It can also be frozen & served as an ice cream; 
  • The Herb & Spice Mill Mixed Berry Dessert Coulis - pour over the meringues, or over ice cream - a fresh and easy dessert accompaniment.

Le Creuset Stoneware is highest quality kitchenware, designed in France with exacting standards. Made from specialist clays and fired at the highest temperatures, Le Creuset stoneware is tough and resists chipping, cracking and staining. 

A gourmet gift idea for a chef, mother, father or best friend - anyone who loves the latest trends & who is discerning about artisan, gourmet food. An engagement or wedding gift idea!