Le Creuset Ramekins & Gourmet Crumble & Caramel Sauce Hamper

A birthday gift for men & women; a unique and stylish Mother's Day gift for Mum or Nana.  This is a delicious gourmet birthday gift, or "thank you" gift for men and women; or send one to your romantic partner or best friend to share together. Apple Crumble - the ideal winter sweet treat; Plum or Peach Crumble - the ideal Summer sweet treat; or Feijoa & Berry Crumble - the ideal Autumn sweet treat.

This hamper includes:

  • A set of two Le Creuset Ramekins. Highest quality, French designed stoneware that can be used in the oven, the dishwasher, or under the grill. It won't chip, crack or stain and has a limited 5 year warranty. Choose from the latest colour palette - mist grey; or satin black. Serve your crumble dessert from the oven to the table in these stylish ramekins;
  • The Herb & Spice Mill Classic All Natural Crumble Mix. Easy to use and quick to make. All you need is stewed or tinned fruit & butter.
  • The Herb & Spice Mill Sticky Caramel Sauce - to pour over your crumble, or ice cream. An extra treat with dessert!

Bon apetit!

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