Le Creuset Tagine

Tagine is a special pot, used in North African cuisine, to slow cook a delicious meal of vegetables & meats.  Le Creuset has been inspired by the traditional design of the Tagine but has improved it for today's modern world.  Made from two different high quality materials, the base is Enameled Cast Iron, while the lid is a hard wearing Stoneware.  It can be used easily and safely on any heat source due to its sturdy, flat base - gas, electric radiant or solid plates, ceramic, halogen, induction stoves.  Cast iron also provides the benefit of even, slow heat conductivity, providing the right heat environment for your food.  The moist atmosphere formed inside the Tagine will tenderise meat and product dishes of exceptional flavor.

The Tagine is a stunning feature - with its beautiful shape and striking Le Cerise (cherry red) colour.  It not only cooks delicious meals, it is feature for the kitchen.  A gift for someone who wants the ultimate in style and function - a gift that stands out from the rest. A gift for men and women - a mother, father or daughter or cook. Ideal for a wedding or engagement gift, a 40th, 50th or 60th birthday, or Christmas.  A unique housewarming gift. Surprise your mum, this Mother's Day with something she has always wanted to own!

See the Tagine Cookbook & Food Hamper (sold separately) for an extra special gift.

Easy to care for and to clean, the Tagine has a limited lifetime warranty.

Free Shipping in NZ when you purchase Le Creuset Tagine! Use the discount code: LeCreusetTagineFreeShippingNZ at check out. Note that this offer only applies to the purchase of the Le Creuset Tagine.

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