Munch Eco Hero Baby Cup, Feeder or Section Plate

Baby & toddler essentials that are environmentally friendly and healthy! Ideal for a newborn baby boy or girl & a 1st or 2nd birthday for a toddler. Make feeding time fun with this 100% plant based feeding sets, by Munch Cupboard. Made from 80% Rice Husk Fibre & 20% Starch, it is strong and reusable and can go through the dishwasher. It is Plastic free, BPA free, food safe, colour free, tree free & biodegradable. 

Choose from the following options:

  • The Munch Eco Hero Baby Sipper - to help prevent messy spills. Its unique spout promotes the natural drinking action & healthy oral development. It is easy to grip and perfect for a baby's transition to self feeding;
  • The Munch Eco Hero Section Plate - this has sections so that a baby and toddler's food can be separated. A must have item for babies;
  • The Munch Eco Hero Feeder- it has a smiley face, hat and bib - that turns into a bowl, plate, cutlery, a cup and slip mat;
Each are sold separately. Your baby & toddler will love these Eco Hero gifts - they help to make feeding time fun with fussy eaters! 

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