Gluten Free Sweet & Savoury Gourmet Gift Hamper

An exciting gift idea for a gluten free diet - top quality, artisan gluten free sweet & savoury treats from our favourite producers, including Devonport Chocolates, Little Bird and Proper Crisps. This stylish and delicious artisan food hamper includes:

  • Proper Crisps Potato Chips (handmade in Nelson, NZ, from 100% NZ grown potatoes, cooked in high oleic sunflower oil and lightly salted;
  • The Herb & Spice Mill's famous dip - quite sensational, with popular kiwi flavours, such as mushroom & thyme; dill & wild onion; red pepper pesto; roasted garlic & tarragon. All natural and so easy to prepare;
  • Roasted Almonds with Thyme - a tasty snack and an energy boost;
  • Glasseye Creek Wild Meat BBQ Sauce (375ml) - a versatile, mild BBQ sauce that is delicious with all red meat, duck, chicken & fish;
  • Little Bird famous Cacao & Raspberry Macaroons - scrumptious raw goodness.  Gluten free, no cane sugar, no soy & vegan. Made in NZ by artisan Little Bird Cafe.  These are perfect with a cup of tea for a sweet energy burst! Gluten free.
  • The Herb & Spice Mill Pear & Hazelnut Rolada - dried fruit, nuts and honey create a delicious treat to enjoy with cheese, or on its own, as a sweet treat with a cup of tea. Very popular;
  • The Herb & Spice Mill Sangria - serve with fresh lime and white wine, or ginergerale for a refreshing drink with friends;
  • Belgian Chocolate Mousse - mix to create an indulgent and easy dessert. Enjoy the mousse in parfait glasses, with cream on top; or freeze to create a cooling summer treat to enjoy with ice cream and a berry coulis;
  • Devonport Chocolates Treats Box (80g) - choose either Hokey Pokey Dark Chocolates - finest dark chocolate encasing crunchy honey comb; or Dark Chocolate Mint Melts - decadent 55% cocoa solids dark chocolate with a gooey mint centre. Gluten free & egg free. No added dairy;
  • Devonport Chocolates Classic Chocolate Truffle Slice (90g) - a decadent chocolate truffle encased in milk chocolate. Slice and share with friends;
  • Molly Woppy Dark Choc & Macadamia Cookie (68g) - handmade and gluten free;
  • Coconut Crispy Rolls with Orange & Cocoa Dipping (65g) - 14 delicious cocoa dipped coconut rolls. All natural, gluten free and nut free. Made with 100% coconut milk mixed with tapioca starch and a hint of orange;
  • All enclosed in a stylish natural hamper with bespoke ribbons and a free gift card for your message.

An impressive gluten free, gourmet food hamper. A delightful "thank you" gift, or a Christmas present for anyone who loves high quality artisan food that is gluten free.

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