Relaxing Pack

This is great gift for anyone who needs to take the weight of the world of their shoulders and just, relax. Whether the recipient is in the midst of exams; preparing for a big project at work; recuperating from an illness; just had a baby; lives a hectic life; there are many times when a bit of relaxation is needed. An ideal birthday treat.

This Relaxing Pack is the perfect method to do just that - relax! It includes:

  • A caddie of Kerikeri Organic Tea in a choice of delicious flavours - calming Chamomile and Cinnamon; popular Bay of Island Breakfast; fruity NZ feijoa; or refreshing Manuka Mint;
  • Nellie Tier soothing Bath Salts in a 100 ml pot - a blend of botanical extracts, essential oils, salts and French clay in Pink Grapefruit & Rose fragrance;
  • An all natural Soy Candle Spa Jar from Candles of NZ  in an aromatherapy choice of Relaxation - a blend of lavender essential oils to de-stress & have a sense of calm, for a restful sleep; or Serenity - a blend of rose geranium essential oils designed to calm & comfort the soul;
  • Devonport Chocolates large Chocolate Tablet in favourite flavours (gluten free).

All enclosed in a lovely palm weave basket with lid. Unwind!  A very popular gift for her for 21st, 30th's, 40th's, & 50th's birthdays.  Ideal for young & old. Also, see the Deluxe Relaxing Pack, for a more expensive alternative.

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