The Waiheke Honey Co Organic Active Manuka Honey Pot

A gift for him or her. A popular treat for a grandmother, grandfather, mother or father. The Waiheke Honey Company Honey make quite sensational honey. The reuseable honey jar is a funky shape with its tin lid.  The honey is delicious. It is organic, all natural and made from honey bees that live on beautiful, pristine, Waiheke Island, New Zealand. Manuka honey is considered to be a natural immune booster that comes from bees who use the nectar from Manuka Flower to make their honey.  Manuka Flowers have been found to possess extraordinary healing powers and Manuka Honey has anti bacterial activity that may help to protect against colds and flu and aid wound management.

This is the ideal gift for a teacher; a mum or dad, a neighbour; or anyone that needs a "pick me up" gift. This is a popular "get well" gift for a sick person. Spread it on your toast for breakfast, or spoon it, regularly, into your porridge or cup of tea, to help protect against the common cold.  Use it when sick with the flu or a virus to aid the recuperation process.

A winter "must have". Choose from:

  • Large Jar (300g) - Queen Bee Caroline - this active manuka blend is MG 262+ (on the manuka honey rating scales);
  • Small Jar (165g) - Queen Bee Caroline  - this active manuka blend is MG 262+ (on the manuka honey rating scales).

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