The Waiheke Honey Company Organic Honey Pot

The Waiheke Honey Company Honey make quite sensational honey.  The reuseable honey jar is a funky shape with its tin lid.  The honey is delicious. It is organic, all natural and made from honey bees that live on beautiful, pristine, Waiheke Island, New Zealand.  Choose from:

  • Currently available - Native Bush - created by bees pollinating a variety of vegetation in New Zealand's native bush;
  • Clover Honey, created by bees & Queen Bee Hera, nesting on Ponui Island, NZ & then produced on Waiheke Island;
  • Pohutukawa - a light, sweet taste (this honey is most likely to come from the bees pollinating the large pohutukakwa trees along the cliffs of Palm Beach, Waiheke); or
  • Multiflora - made for the flora on Waiheke Island. 

This is the perfect gift for a teacher; a mum or dad, a neighbour; or anyone that you want to give a little something to. It is guaranteed to be enjoyed. 

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