Travel Wallet "Just the Ticket", Travel Tag, & Travel Jet Lag Sniff Box Set

A funky gift idea for women - a traveller, mother, daughter or friend who is off on a holiday, or their OE! The latest Stella + Gemma travel wallet in black with gold spots with "Just the Ticket" written in gold on the front and a place for cards, a passport, and travel documents, inside; and a Luggage Tag with "Oh the Places I have been" written on one side.  This quirky gift also includes a Matakana Botanicals Jet Lag Kit - made in NZ, this apothecary sniff box set contains:

  • Sleep Sniff Box - a calming sleep easy blend of neroli, lavender and chamomile to soothe, comfort and promote relaxation. Ideal for travelling or to help sleep in a different time zone; and
  • Focus Sniff Box - an energising blend of bergamot, lemon & cinnamon to help restore concentration and clarity of thought. Ideal for post travel, jet lag, work, exams and conferences.
(These sniff boxes are used on a major international airline, for travellers.)

    Free gift wrapping and gift card. Delivery to anywhere in New Zealand. 

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