"What's for Dessert" Chocolate Mousse Hamper

A decadent dessert gift hamper for a mother or father, or a friend to say "Happy Birthday!".  Our exciting range of "What's for Dessert?" Hampers are designed to make it easy for those with busy lives who enjoy a homemade dessert. If you are in a book club or going to a dinner party and you are nominated to bring dessert, why not choose a dessert from our selection?  This hamper includes:

  • The Herb & Spice Mill Belgian Chocolate Mousse - just add water to the mixture and fold it through whipped cream to make a rich, smooth chocolate mousse (serves 5 people). It can also be frozen and served wedged between waffles (included); 
  • The Herb & Spice Mill Coconut Triple O Waffles - crisp waffles made from 100% coconut milk & layered with smooth milk chocolate; or Coconut Crispy Rolls - all natural, gluten free;
  • A delicious Devonport Chocolate Hokey Pokey Truffle Slice (90g) - for a rich chocolate taste sensation. Slice and share with friends.

All enclosed in an impressive gift box.  Such a delicious, gourmet gift for a host or someone who loves sweet things! This Hamper is gluten free.

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