Picnic Hampers - Summer; Picnics; Valentine's Day!

Posted on January 31, 2014 by The Gift Loft

Now is the perfect time to plan a picnic!  Whether you prepare a feast, throw a few things together, or buy take aways, a picnic is a memorable experience for young and old. Why not surprise your loved one, or the person you admire with a picnic for Valentine's Day?  

Step One: Choose a gorgeous location - the beach, a harbour view, a park or even a band stand in the Domain.  You could just enjoy a picnic in your back yard or on the floor while watching the latest movie hit.

Step Two: Order your Valentine's Picnic Hamper from The Gift Loft and we can deliver it either:

  • To your loved one with a message. Why not ask him or her to meet you at the surprise location...; or
  • To you so that you can give it to him or her, yourself.

The Gift Loft has a selection of picnic gift ideas to suit everyone - stylish picnic hampers that can be reused for lots of picnics over the years and make a lovely feature in the home; picnic food hampers containing delicious sweet and savoury options (including gluten free options) to enjoy; and chocolate hampers with top quality, romantic chocolates.

If you do not have a Valentine this year, then why not get some friends together and have a picnic together, celebrating your friendship?


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