Study Food Gifts

Anyone who has experienced study, will vouch for the need for brain energising foods and calming and restorative remedies.  The Gift Loft has selected a range of products that are perfect for the student. The Soy Candle Company makes an energiser candle full of essential oils to improve brain function. They also make a candle containing essential oils to provide harmony and to calm a busy mind - perfect for relaxing after a hard day's study or before an exam.  Kerikeri Organic Teas produce finest quality organic chamomile tea to relax and sooth a tired brain or manuka mint tea to help wake up.  Nuts; lollies; and chocolate are a few of the high energy foods that we have selected to enhance learning and endurance. 

Imagine the uplift in mood when a brain energising hamper arrives for a student immersed in study.  It is sure to put a smile on their face and let them know that you care. These gift hampers make great gift ideas for teenage boys and girls at exam time; and corporates who are doing post graduate study.