Italian Cheese Making Kit - a gift idea for Him or Her!

The new Mad Millie Italian Cheese Making Kits are so popular that we can't get enough of them! Not only is this a unique gift for the foodie, it is the perfect gift for men or women who have everything!  A gift for the home cook, a cheese lover, or even a fun thing to do with the  kids! The perfect gift for father's day or a birthday.


Cheese Making Kit

Start creating your own mozzarella, ricotta, mascarpone, burrata, bocconcini & ricotta salata. Easy to use with clear, easy to read and fun instructions (only six steps) plus recipes for when you have made your delicious cheese, such as tiramisu!

The ideal cheese kit for a beginner with over 10 batches (6 kg approximately) of Italian Cheese.  The cheese takes approximately 1 hour to make (excluding draining & setting time) and contains no artificial flavours & is preservative free.

The Gift Loft Cheese Making Test

Our own tester feedback at The Gift Loft:



We have made the ricotta. It was very easy to make, easy instructions and was ready in a very short amount of time. All we supplied was the milk, everything else is in the kit. It tastes delicious. It was a fun activity to do with a 7 year old boy. We placed the end result, our own ricotta, in the General Eclectic Dip Bowl, sold separately.

Ricotta can be used in many dishes. Eat it: on its own; in a pasta dish, such as spinach & ricotta cannelloni or lasagne; mix with a few teaspoons of pesto and create a savoury dip; or, make crepes and serve with home made ricotta drizzled with honey & stewed seasonal fruit.



We have also made creamy mascarpone - all we needed to supply was cream and it was surprisingly easy.  We then used the "What's for Dessert?" Meringue Hamper to create a stunning dessert in about 2 minutes! Simply place a layer of petite meringues on the bottom of glass ramekins or bowls, add a layer of mascarpone mixed with yoghurt & lemon zest & honey to taste; then, add a layer of dessert glaze (we used the raspberry glaze for a tangy berry taste); Repeat this process until you get to the top of the ramekin. Finish with a layer of the mascarpone & yoghurt mixture. Sprinkle with cinnamon or grated chocolate.

Note - we used a mixture of 2 parts mascarpone to 1 part yoghurt to make it a little less rich but you can leave out the yoghurt and just mix mascarpone, lemon zest & honey.


Our next test will be making the mozzarella for a homemade pizza..

Overall Verdict

This is a really fun exercise and incredibly satisfying. We were surprised how easy cheese making is. The kit supplies you with every ingredient that you need, except for the milk or cream, depending on what type of cheese you are making.  We really recommend this as a great gift idea for men & women. See our recipe blog for a delicious Tiramisu, made with homemade mascarpone cheese, made using the kit.

Milk to use for Cheese Making

Mad Millie recommend using unhomogenised milk for cheese making. They suggest using one of the following brands, many are found in your local supermarket:

Cow's Milk: Farm Gate Full Cream Milk; Ridge A2 Unhomogenised Standard Milk; Naturalea Organic Whole Milk; Meadow Fresh Farm House Milk (we used this brand); Bio Farm Ecofarm Organic Pasturised Whole Milk; Retro Organics Whole Milk, or Origin Earth  Milk.

Goat's Milk: Lenobosa Farm, Rangiora; or Meadowcroft.  

Also, see the "Just Add Cheese" Hamper & Cheese Making Kit - everything you need to create a tasty cheese platter!

Happy Cheese Making from The Gift Loft! Order your Cheese Making Kit, today! Great value and the perfect gift for Father's Day!