New! Mad Millie Home Made "Fromage" Cheese Making Kit!


Following on from the hugely successful Italian Cheese Making Kits (sold on our website with or without "Just Add Cheese" Gift Hamper), Mad Millie has created a stylish Home Made Cheese "Fromage" Starter Kit in a Ceramic French Style Pot. This premium cheese making kit is the perfect gift for him or her. A popular birthday gift for a father, mother, sister or friend - a cheese lover or a unique gift idea for someone who has everything!

Making your own marinated feta cheese, or quesco fresco cheese is quite an achievement! Learn the simple cheese making process, by following the easy to follow steps, included with the kit. All you need to buy is milk to make the cheese, and oil & dried herbs to marinate the feta in.  It takes a few hours to make and there is enough ingredients to have plenty of cheese making sessions (10 sessions). The kit contains the French style ceramic pot, the pressing plate, thermometer, cheese cloth & cheese making ingredients.



We tried making the marinated feta. It was lots of fun, simple and reasonably quick. It tasted delicious and better than what you buy at the shops!  We felt incredibly satisfied with how our pot of milk became curds & whey and then became feta! See our photographs of our cheese making experience.  This would make a great gift for a grandparent (or non chocolate lover), and they could make the cheese with the grandchildren over the school holidays!  

Also, see the Italian Cheese Making Kit & the Butter Making Kit, in the same range.


For an extra special & unique gift idea for a food lover, purchase the Balsamic Vinegar & Olive Oil Bruschetta Hamper with the Homemade Cheese kit. Finest quality Italian Balsamic Vinegar, Waiheke grown & produced Azzuro Groves Olive Oil (award winning) & Bruschetta Mix. Combine these artisan foods with your own marinated feta to create a taste sensation!