"What's for Dessert?" Meringue Hamper - a great getaway treat!

With school holidays upon us and Labour weekend looming, it is time to think delicious dessert hampers for your next getaway! No one feels like baking desserts on a weekend or holiday away, and rarely do you have the ingredients to produce something special - so why not order one of our "What's for Dessert?" hampers? They are also a lovely "thank you" gift for your host. The Gift Loft sent one as a gift to a new mum - who has no time but wants something sweet.

On a recent trip to Fiji, we took with us the "What's for Dessert?" Meringue Hamper and a bottle of cream (which we froze prior to our trip - it was as good as fresh cream on arrival).  After a lazy, sun filled day, we prepared a BBQ, ending with The Herb & Spice Mill Box of Petite Summerberry Meringues folded through a mixture of whipped cream and natural plain yoghurt.  We placed this gorgeous mixture in tall wine glasses, added a few more petite meringues on top and drizzled The Herb & Spice Mill Passionfruit Glaze over it. It was sensational and loved by adults and kids, alike! And so easy to prepare - a definite menu item this summer!

See our "What's for Dessert?" Hamper range under Dessert and Sweet Food Hampers.  Super easy, delicious and all you need is a bottle of cream! Price range is between $22 - $39.