Exciting New NZ Gourmet Food Gift Baskets and Hampers!

We are delighted to showcase our exciting new range of New Zealand made gourmet sweet and savoury hampers - just in time for Father's Day; summer gifting, and Christmas presents.  Many of our corporate clients and, also our customers who live overseas and are gifting to loved ones in NZ, want to send a NZ food gift hamper.  With our new range of NZ food hampers, we have made sure that our new products are all made in NZ, and also, that they are delicious tasting and food that people love to receive - foodies and mums and dads or a whole family. Many of the products are also gluten free. Our new gift hampers include the following artisan products:

  • Number 29 Waiheke Olives - on beautiful Waiheke Island, just 35 minutes from Auckland City, Number 29 is a beautiful olive grove, on the West side of the island (close to Mudbrick Vineyard and Cable Bay Vineyard). With a dry micro climate, Waiheke is the perfect environment to grow olives. Number 29 produce award winning extra virgin olive oil. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a premium extra virgin olive oil.  As the olives are harvested at their peak ripeness, the olive oil has an aromatic, fresh, fruity flavour. Drizzle over foods and vegetables, fish, meat, pasta dishes, eggs, salads and dressings. Also a favourite accompaniment to nutty dukkah with fresh bread (or the Flaxseed Crackers), as a dipping platter. This award winning olive oil won silver at the NZ Extra Virgin Olive Oil Awards 2016.  Number 29 also produce Table Olives - a jar of premium olives, grown and produced on Waiheke Island, NZ. As the olives are harvested at their peak ripeness, the olives have an aromatic, fresh, fruity flavour. We are thrilled to have both of these products in our new hampers. The olive oil is in either the smaller, 100 ml bottle, or a large 250 ml bottle.
  • Alexandra's Dukkah is a blend of premium nuts, seeds and spices that make a delicious accompaniment with fresh crusty bread and the purest olive oil.  A taste sensation! Choose from Traditional Dukkah: premium chopped hazelnuts, roasted sesame seeds and freshly ground spices, including coriander & cumin; or Aromatic: premium pistachios, almonds, roasted sesame seeds & freshly ground spices, including fennel & coriander.
  • Little Bird Fax & Almond Crackers - handmade in NZ from flax seeds, activated almonds, thyme, nutritional yeast & sea salt. Gluten free, paleo, vegan.
  • Waiheke Honey Co premium honey. Also produced by bees nesting on and around Waiheke Island.  Many of the bees enjoy the sunny Northern aspect of the Island, nesting around Palm Beach.  The honey is sweet, well balanced and very creamy. We have been selling this honey for years and it is very popular with men and women.
  • Azzuro Groves Olives - Azzuro has been one of our very first food suppliers. Their olive oil is also award winning; their honey is produced on the South side of Waiheke Island, from bees nesting in the flora and fauna around the olive groves. With a tall sleek bottle, the olive oil is impressive. We also sell a gorgeous olive oil soap in our pamper hampers - unique and very kiwiana.
  • Devonport Chocolates - finest chocolate, made in Devonport. The chocolatier creates decadent chocolate creams and a popular truffle slice.  A firm favourite with our customers!
NZ Made Artisan Foods at The Gift Loft

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    These are just some of our wonderful NZ suppliers and food basket gift ideas. Many more artisan foods, from NZ, are found in all our hampers. We have just hand picked a few, including our latest suppliers, to showcase this delicious gourmet food gift range.