Babu Merino Baby Mittens or Booties - Boy & Girl Options

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An autumn and winter gift for a newborn baby boy or girl!  Beautiful soft merino wool accessories to keep baby warm and cosy. Babu is a high quality, New Zealand brand, using 100% New Zealand merino wool - providing the best fabric to breathe against baby's delicate skin during the colder months. Choose from a variety of clothing options, shown below, to suit your baby's needs and your budget. A great "extra" gift item or small gift:

  • Babu Mittens - in plain blush pink; or navy blue - for ages 0-3 months. Mittens keep baby warm but also stop them scratching their faces with their tiny finger nails.
  • Babu Booties - in blush pink or navy blue for ages 0-3 months. Keeps baby's feet warm and breathable with these cute little booties.

A gift that every mum will appreciate to add to the many clothing items that baby will need. The perfect "congratulations" gift for a new addition to the family. 

Each item is sold separately.