Artisan Chocolate & Marshmallow Treats Gift Hamper (with gluten free option)

A delicious chocolate sweet treat gift idea for him or her. A birthday gift idea for a mother or father, an uncle or friend. A "get well" gift or a corporate client "thank you" present for men and women who love gourmet sweet treats, made in NZ, from finest ingredients. This delightful hamper includes:

  • Devonport Chocolates Set of Chocolate Spoons - milk chocolate spoons to enjoy on their own, or use to stir hot chocolate (gluten free and egg free);
  • Two Chocolate Tablets (30g each) - one dark mint melt and one hokey pokey milk chocolate (gluten free);
  • Devonport Chocolates Chocolate Treat Box (80g) - choose from dark chocolate and hokey pokey - crunchy honeycomb encased in premium dark chocolate - a taste sensation; or Dark Chocolate Mint Melts - decadent 55% cocoa solids dark chocolate with a gooey mint centre. (Gluten free and Egg free)
  • Mallow's Marshmallow - artisan, puffy marshmallow in either mint & chocolate, or raspberry flavour - this really tastes exquisite. (For a gluten free diet, we can swap the marshmallow to Molly Woppy Gluten Free Choc Chunk Cookies Bites Box)

Favourite artisan sweet treats & chocolate to enjoy with loved ones, or for an indulgent special occasion. A top Christmas corporate gift idea for colleagues - chocolate is universally loved by all.

A Gluten Free Hamper, if the marshmallow is swapped to the Molly Woppy guten free cookie bites.

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