"What's for Dessert" Meringue Hamper

A dessert gift hamper for young & old to enjoy! Our exciting range of "What's for Dessert?" Hampers are designed to make it easy for those with busy lives who enjoy a homemade dessert. If you are in a book club or going to a dinner party and you are nominated to bring dessert, why not choose a dessert from our selection?  This hamper includes:

  • The Herb & Spice Mill box of petite meringues (approximately 15 meringues per box) in either vanilla; or summerberry. These are gorgeous smeared with one of their glazes (included in this dessert) or mixed through whipped cream or ice cream to make the popular dessert, Eton Mess;
  • The Herb & Spice Mill Dessert Glaze - a delicious sauce in either Double Chocolate; or Raspberry;
  • The Devonport Chocolates large Tablet in either Raspberry Dark; Boysenberry Meringue Milk Chocolate; Hokey Pokey Milk Chocolate; or Hazelnut Strawberry. Shave pieces of chocolate onto the top of your dessert creation and everyone will be so impressed!

All enclosed in a stylish gift box (with a free message gift card included).

Such a novel gift for a host or someone who loves sweet things, as well!  See our news blog where we used this dessert and the Italian Cheese Making Kit to make a delicious mascarpone cream, dessert glaze & petite meringue dessert!

This is also gluten free gift hamper! A great birthday gift for Him or her! It is also popular as a "Thank You" Gift.

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